Conveyor equipment

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyors are used to move bulk and piece goods in horizontal and inclined directions at an angle of 18-20 °, as well as for interoperational transportation of parts during in-line production. They are widely used in all industries and are the main transport for fuel supply at power plants, surface and underground transportation of coal and rocks, ore, coke, building materials. Belt conveyors are part of collapsible excavators, loading machines, etc. They are widely used due to their high productivity (up to 4000 t / h), transportation length, simplicity of design and reliability of work.

Screw conveyor

Stationary screw (auger) conveyor for general industrial purposes is designed for transportation in horizontal and inclined (at an angle up to 90º) positions, at temperatures up to 80ºC, dusty, powdery, small-sized (lump size up to 20 mm.), non-abrasive and abrasive bulk cargo.

Screw conveyors are also designed to transport grain and its processed products and work in conjunction with high-performance equipment of mills.

The screw conveyor is a continuous transporting machine, the working element of which is a screw rotating in a closed chute. The direction of rotation of the screw is right or left. In conveyors with a screw diameter of 200 and 315 mm, the helical spiral can be made solid, or recruited from the blades, rigidly fixed to the screw shaft and form a helical line. In screw conveyors with a screw diameter of 400 mm, the helix is continuous.

Screw conveyors are supplied in unified sections with loading and unloading branch pipes, depending on the customer's requirements.

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