Manufacturing of metal structures according to individual orders

The KCEP company is engaged in the production of metal structures of varying complexity. By releasing products, we achieve a high level of quality. This is possible thanks to the new equipment and the fact that the specialists of the technical control department carefully monitor all production processes.

The manufacture of metal structures is carried out by qualified personnel with many years of experience in the production of metal structures. Employees are constantly improving their knowledge and skills. This allows us to provide professional services and make our customers happy.

The services offered by the "KZST" company are not limited to the manufacture of metal structures. We also provide product quality control in accordance with all standards, preparation of reports and measurement reports upon customer's request, weld inspection, and assembly and design services. You can order various metal structures and machining services. To do this, contact us by phone numbers listed on the site.

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KCEP products are used in various industries to create integrated solutions. Regardless of whether the standard products are used by the customer or a whole set of mechanisms, thanks to our experience, we always understand our customers and are ready to provide the necessary advice.


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