Asphalt mixing plants are produced in the form of unified structures, which is a decisive condition for the high quality of the resulting mixtures. The moving parts of the plant are controlled by a control system that combines the latest technical advances with an intuitive interface for the operator.

The range includes installations of different sizes. All of them remain effective even in difficult working conditions on small sites. When creating installations, their design provides for the possibility of subsequent modernization due to the integration of new equipment and technologies (for example, the use of cellulose additives, recycled materials).

KCEP offers various installations from affordable basic models to premium ones, retrofitted with many options. When developing installations, KCEP takes into account the rules of international transport, which avoids any problems at customs, and the use of plug-in components reduces the cost of installing equipment. Some units can be installed without using concrete foundations, which can significantly reduce financial and time costs.

  • Our specialists know all the difficulties that sometimes have to be faced when operating asphalt mixing plants, and are always ready to offer you an effective solution.

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KCEP products are used in various industries to create integrated solutions. Regardless of whether the standard products are used by the customer or a whole set of mechanisms, thanks to our experience, we always understand our customers and are ready to provide the necessary advice.


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